The Legends Collection: Golden Opulence, 500 Years of Luxuriant Style

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The concept of luxury, often thought of as a modern notion, has deep historical roots, paralleling human civilization itself. Ancient societies, in their pursuit of more than just basic needs, left behind exquisite artifacts that reflect the joy of possessing unique objects. From the enchanting “turqueries” to the grandeur of the Topkap? Palace and delicate decorative arts, five centuries of luxury have continuously evolved, inspiring the present day.

This book, created in collaboration with Beymen, a Turkish luxury-fashion leader, commemorates their fiftieth anniversary and complements the Golden Opulence exhibition in Istanbul, showcasing exclusive fashion pieces by renowned designers like Alexander McQueen and Valentino. Golden Opulence, 500 Years of Luxuriant Style pays homage to Ottoman craftsmanship and emerges as an essential reference for fashion and luxury aficionados, offering a glimpse into a singular way of life that continues to captivate and inspire.


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