Vince Alabaster Suspension Light

5,700 AED

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The Lamp Vince is a brass lamp, meticulously handcrafted in a captivating ‘Miel’ color with an antique finish. Each lamp is adorned with two stone plates meticulously carved from a single piece of translucent Spanish alabaster. When illuminated, the light from within accentuates the natural veining and delicate hues inherent to this material. Due to the natural variation in veining, patterning, and color of alabaster stone, each lamp is inherently unique. Included with each lamp is a ceiling attachment and a 66 cm suspension (3x 22 cm sections). To customize the length of the lamp, additional ‘pending bars’ of either 22 cm or 66 cm can be ordered separately. Please note that the LED lightbulb is not included in the price and must be purchased separately.

Dimensions 80 × 200 × 540 mm

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